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Whole-Home Electrical Rewiring Services in Colorado

Electrical wiring is critical to keep lights on and outlets working in your Colorado area home. If your wiring is damaged or outdated, our electricians can help with our rewiring services!

 It is a marvel that electricity is readily available. Electricity has been powering our homes for over 100 years. Over the past century, technology has advanced a lot, and electricity has become safer and more efficient.

It could pose a risk if your Littleton, Colorado, home has old wiring and components. Older homes weren’t designed to handle today’s heavy loads and were also often wired with old materials. Many homeowners are now opting to rewire their homes to eliminate the danger of old wiring.

Electric Blue specializes in reducing the dangers that older wiring presents to your home and can help protect you and your family against the risks.

Even with the best wiring, an outdated electrical panel could be a problem that is preventing your electrical system from working correctly. For all your panel upgrading needs, contact our licensed electricians.

What is Whole-Home Rewiring?

A professional electrician will replace your home’s electrical wiring and, if needed, the whole wiring system. Whole-home rewiring refers to a professional service. Your electrician can use this time to install new outlets or add circuits so your home can supply the power you need.

Older electrical wiring can limit your power in your home, which can be annoying or even dangerous. Rewiring is done to update the wiring and reduce the potential for property damage and fires.

Aluminium Wire Remediation

It may be wired with aluminum wiring, depending on its age. Aluminum wiring can still be used in many applications and is an acceptable conductor. Some dangers make it incompatible with newer wiring methods. Our electricians can perform an aluminum wire remediation to eliminate the potential hazards of aluminum wiring.

Electricians use special connectors made of copper to upgrade the wiring in your home that connects to appliances and fixtures. You can ensure your home will have better connectivity by upgrading or repairing these connections.

Electric Blue can perform remediation to save you money and prevent property damage from a fire.

Does old wiring damage your switches and outlets? We can upgrade your receptacles and add safety by installing a GFCI outlet.

Common Problems that Require Whole-Home Wiring Services

Property owners can have problems with the electrical wiring in their old homes. House wiring services can help. Our electricians can fix these and other issues.


Overlapping is when a fixture holds a bulb with a higher wattage than the fixture. This can lead to overheating, which can cause damage to the wires and casing.

Power inadequacy

Modern energy demands often need to be met by outdated wiring. If your house is ancient, the electrician likely designed the electrical system to be reliable in its day. It is possible to have difficulty powering all your devices simultaneously.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Modern appliances like hairdryers and refrigerators tend to overload older wiring. However, outdated wiring can sometimes short-circuit without the machine. Tripping breakers can still occur when a circuit is too complete.

Dead Outlets

Repeated trips or short circuits can kill an outlet, and the wires may melt or become disconnected from the outlet. Rewiring can fix the problem and get your outlets back in operation.

Flickering lights

When the wiring corrodes or loosens, your lights will flicker. Flickering lights can be distracting, but they are also susceptible to overheating or catching fire.

Sings That Whole-Home Rewiring is Required

You may notice these signs that your wiring is outdated:

  • Flickering light: If you turn on an appliance and see lights flashing in other areas of your house, it could be due to old wiring. Sometimes the wiring is not able to handle the electric load. This lowers the flow power in one part of your house to make room for another.
  • Do you have outlets without power? If you turn on the dishwasher, does one part of your house turn off? If your system cannot handle the demands of your home’s power, there will likely be power outages or flipped breakers.
  • Signs that your outlets are burning: Whether there are burn marks on the faceplates or a burning odor behind the walls, you need to address fire concerns immediately. These are one of the most dangerous side effects of older wiring and can cause extensive damage.
  • High energy prices: While it may be harder to spot, poor wiring might be the reason for your rising electrical costs. Wiring can lead to over or underutilized areas.

Why you need a professional for whole-home wiring

Electric Blue can rewire your entire home or large sections to eliminate the risk of unsafe wiring. Rewiring a whole house can be complicated and usually occurs during a significant remodel or complete rehabilitation of an older property.

Since electrical technology was first installed in Castle Rock, Colorado, homes more than 100 years ago, many things have changed. To ensure safety, electrical codes are continually being updated. Because of this, older homes are more difficult for electricians who have yet to work with them.

The electricians at our company can assist with wiring problems such as:

  • Flickering lights
  • Outlets that have no power
  • Sparks during connections
  • Fluctuations of electrical currents
  • Intermittently operating switches and dimmers
  • Appliances that are damaged
  • More

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