Generator Installation

Littleton and Castle Rock Colorado Whole Home Standby Generator Installation

What will you do if your power goes out?

The wildfire season is fast approaching, and Colorado Utilities has launched unprecedented planned power outages. Homeowners are scrambling for ways to prepare. You will realize how dependent you are on electricity once it goes out. How will you ensure that your refrigerators, freezers, and medical devices, as well as phones, lights, and computers, are kept running in the event of a power failure or outage? You can be prepared for any power outage, planned or unplanned.

Electric Blue can help you with your home generator needs.

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What can you do to prepare for power outages?

Electric Blue has many options for whole-house generator installations.

These are some of the options:

  • The whole house’s automatic standby generators can turn on when the power goes out. They can power vital parts of your home or your entire house. They can also be remotely controlled.
  • A portable, gasoline-powered generator can be an alternative to a whole-house standby generator. A portable generator with a transfer switch can power several items. It must be manually started and topped up with gas. A licensed electrician can install a button in your home to control one or more circuits. This will allow you to keep your most essential items running.
  • Without the ability to store and distribute solar power, even those who have solar will not be able to make ends meet. You can keep enough energy in your home to power the most critical circuits for between 6 and 8 days. You can recharge them with portable solar panels to charge your battery backup power products. This will keep your most essential appliances running.

Every emergency plan should include a plan for power outages.

Electric Blue is here to help with all your electrical needs, from generator installation to switch repair and everything in between.

We are proud to install Kohler generators.

It is wise to install a generator on your property to keep your home safe during a power cut. Electric Blue recommends and installs Kohler generators. These systems, which are state-of-the-art and offer many benefits, are among the best in their field.

  • In seconds, your home is automatically restored to power
  • Powers critical hard-wired devices like your AC, sump pump, heater, and security system.
  • These systems don’t require refueling, as they run on natural gas or LP gas from your home.
  • Your electronics are powered without harm.

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