Whole House Fan Installation

Colorado Whole House Fan Installation Services

Save 50-90% on your A/C cooling costs by having one of our installation experts install an attic fan!

Littleton, Colorado is known for its high temperatures, warm ocean water, and frequent sunshine. These elements can cause home attics to become hot and stuffy and can significantly impact your home’s temperature.

Although air conditioning units can reduce your home’s temperature to make it more comfortable, your bank account may not be happy with the associated costs. Check out our complete house fan solutions. You can save money by preventing hot air from entering your home, and your air conditioner will run less.

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What is a Quiet Cool Whole House fan?

Quiet Cool whole-house fans are fan ventilation systems that consume less energy than traditional A/C units. These energy-efficient systems are mounted in your attic and draw cooler air from the outside and through your attic. Your attic will be kept cool by the fresh air that replaces the hot air.

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The Benefits of Installing Whole House Fans in Colorado Homes

Reduce your air conditioner use to save as much as 50%-90% on your electricity bill. A QuietCool whole-house fan can do the cooling for you. Because the attic heat is replaced with fresh, cooler air by the whole-house fan, your whole house will be more relaxed throughout the day. Your home will feel cooler, which reduces the pressure on your air conditioner.

Whole-house fans can also remove pet dander, dust, and odors and replace or circulate fresh air throughout the home.

Why choose a QuietCool whole-house fan?

There are many options for consumers to choose from on the market. Because we trust the brands that we supply and install, we only recommend them to you.

QuietCool whole-house fans are the best choice.

  • COOLING CAPABILITY: QuietCool whole-house fans can cool your home up to 10x faster than A/C units. A whole-house fan can reduce your home’s temperature by as much as 50 degrees without needing an A/C team.
  • Improved Air Quality: Whole-house fans create a cool breeze in your home with a fraction of the energy required to run an air conditioner unit. This increases air circulation by approximately 15-22 times an hour and eliminates odors, pet hair, and dust. It also replaces and circulates clean, fresh air throughout your house.
  • ENERGY Efficiency: These fans could save you as much as 90% on your cooling costs in Castle Rock Colorado. This reduces the work your A/C must do to keep your home cool. Your QuietCool system can be used if the outside temperature is lower than inside your home.
  • QUIET OPERATION These systems have been called QuietCool. The QuietCool whole-house fans are mounted in your attic. This design reduces vibration and sound, allowing them to run quietly and without disrupting your day. It can even be run while you sleep.
  • EASY OF INSTALLATION – These units can be installed in your attic without cutting joists. It will maintain the structural integrity of your attic and can be installed half of the time as traditional systems.
  • WARRANTY Your unit comes with a promise of 10-15 years.

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