Surge Protector Installation

Colorado Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Protect your home and expensive appliances from harmful power surges with whole home surge protectors.

Some surge protectors are already part of your home. Surge protectors can be plugged into your home outlets, but they offer different protection than an entire home system. Stay connected to ensure you are protected in an emergency.

Electric Blue has all the necessary tools and know-how for the job and will restore your home to its original condition. We are experts in protecting your investment and your home. We proudly serve Electric Blue, in the Castle Rock Colorado Area!

You can keep the lights on during a natural disaster with a whole-house generator installation.

What is Whole Home Surge Protection?

To protect your appliances and other devices from electrical surges, a whole-house surge protector is an appliance that is installed inside your home. This involves either shorting or blocking excess current. These are usually installed in your box or electrical panel. This protects appliances plugged into the home’s electricity from any damage.

Anywhere can cause power surges, including your home’s heating and cooling, electrical and solar systems, pool, solar, and cable systems. You need to ensure that all your indoor and outdoor devices are protected.

Do I need to have complete home surge protection?

There are many reasons why power surges may occur. Various factors, including grid disruptions, natural disasters, and bad weather, can cause a power surge. Power surges can affect any appliances and systems that use electricity. Benefits include:

  • PROTECT YOUR HOME APPLIANCES. Take a look at all the appliances in your house. All electrical appliances, including televisions, smartphones, laptops, heating and cooling systems, and cooking appliances, rely on electricity. Protect expensive devices with surge protection.
  • LAYERING It is wise to invest in surge protection. Layering adds an extra layer of protection. Layering connects your system to your electrical panel when it is being used. Layering can be a great way to protect your investment in entertainment systems and other expensive appliances.
  • PROTECTION One of these systems’ primary functions is to protect your appliances from damage. It protects your electrical system as a whole. Your home is protected if there’s an electrical surge from one of your appliances.

Our team will install a professional smoke detector in your home.

Why hire a professional?

The electrical system in your home is complex. It’s essential to hire a professional to do any electrical work; it can be dangerous to attempt this service alone. Electric Blue is here to help you with any problematic electrical work. Our flat-rate pricing is combined with fast service to ensure you can continue your day without interruption.