Outdoor Lighting Inspiration to Get you Outside This Spring

After being trapped inside for months, spring is the perfect season to head outdoors. Once you get your yard lounge furniture, decorations, and landscaping together, consider your lighting options.

Don’t let nightfall be the end of your time outside. Peruse our lighting options below to spruce up your backyard this spring.

String Solutions Together

Using strings of lights in your backyard is an inexpensive way to liven up your backyard. Connect your house to trees or other sections of the house. Otherwise, you can set up posts to string lights between your home and the yard.

Step Into the Light

Add LED lights along steps to add a dash of color to brighten a stair climb. Lights edging a footpath or along the backs of stairs offers an unexpected source of light. This approach may not work as well indoors, but outside the guided path can lead people through your outdoor areas. Plus, enjoy having fewer people trip over the stairs when they provide the light!

Accent Lower Areas with Uplighting

Lights often come from above, but they don’t need to! Switch the script by positioning lights on the ground pointing up. You can point the lights along a tree, shrubs, or up the side of your house. Uplighting allows you to throw in a dramatic flair while adding a cozy element to your outdoor area. Choose areas where you will have lounge seating to add more light either behind benches or up nearby floral elements.

Bright Pots and Planters

Plants need light during the day, and you need light at night. Let’s combine those needs for a creative lighting solution. Pot your plants in solar-powered vessels to open your positioning options to include the whole backyard. Pair the color with the plant shade or opt for a color-changing option. Sizes range from the smallest flower to large shrubbery.

Electric Blue has been in the lighting industry for 20 years. Learn more about your lighting options to spruce up your yard this spring by calling us today at (303) 872-4323.

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