Top 4 Benefits of LED Lights in Your Home or Business

Top 4 Benefits of LED Lights in Your Home or Business - LED_lightingKeeping on the cutting edge of technology will ensure your home or business remains the most efficient that it can be. At this point, LED lighting is not a new concept. However, the tech behind it continues to improve, making them even better options. No matter your lighting needs, consider the following info about LED lighting for your work or home. 

What Makes LEDs Different?

LED lighting has major differences from CFLs or incandescent bulbs. The differences include:

  • Direction: You can point LEDs in specific directions so you won’t need reflectors or diffusers. This can improve efficiency by up to 50%. 

  • Source: LED lights are about the size of a piece of pepper. White lights come from a mix of red, green, and blue.

  • Heat: LEDs produce little heat. This can end up saving up to 70% energy.

Gain the Following Benefits with LED Lighting

  1. Energy Efficiency & Lower Costs - Standard halogen lights lose up to 90% of their energy as heat, whereas LEDs only use 15% of the total energy halogen lights use. Opting for LED lighting reduces your utility costs in the draw of energy and the energy needed to cool the excess heat. 

  2. Longer Lifetime - LED lights can last as long as 80,000 hours, reducing overhead costs and the trouble getting to higher, tough to reach lights. 

  3. Environmentally Responsible - LEDs will help your business or home go green (or become even more environmentally friendly). LEDs don’t contain mercury or poisonous gases. A small, 13-watt LED light will put out 68% less Carbon Dioxide than a 40-watt standard bulb that runs for 10 hours per day. 

  4. Durability Means Extra Safety - LEDs don’t require glass parts so you won’t have to worry about them shattering. Their shatter-proof design makes them ideal light-sources for sporting events. This durability makes them more accessible and safer for anyone to handle, adjust, or switch LED lights.

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