The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Enjoy the outdoors while they are nice this summer in the company of friends or family. Give a lounging hang out time a spruce of style with outdoor lighting. Brighten up landscaped sections, walkways or sitting areas to delight everyone while making sure no one trips. 

Consider what you want to do with your yard and how lights can make that vision happen. Begin playing around with some ideas then look to a design expert to bring you the benefits of outdoor lighting such as functional beauty and safety. Let’s go through some of the benefits in detail below.

Outdoor Lighting Benefit: Safety

Outdoor lighting adds an element of safety to your property. Illuminated walkways make for a more comfortable walking experience. Zone lights can brighten up swaths of space on decks, gardens, patios, pools, and more for use after dark. Point lights at driveways and entrances to add some lit up safety on your walk inside the house or garage.

Outdoor Lighting Benefit: Security

A lit-up area is less likely to experience problems. A lit yard shows how you are active and in the area, a point that turns most would-be trouble-makers away. Trespassing and theft rates are lower around lit homes. Motion sensors can help save energy while maintaining safety. This surprise deterrence can send a stranger running out of your yard. 

Outdoor Lighting Benefit: Ambiance and Comfort

Expand your living room into the yard for all-hours use with outdoor lighting. Take full advantage of your deck and patio seating by extending their use into the evening. Create various moods and add onto the outdoor decor with fixed, background, and splash lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Benefit: Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting provides the double benefit of being good for your use while you own the property and increases the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Enjoy the space with friends, family, and neighbors. Then when your family is ready for the next place, make sure to list the lighting effect when you list the house. 

Electric Blue Inc provides industrial, commercial, and residential electrical fixes and opportunities to homeowners and businesses. Ready for outdoor lighting at your home or business? Give us a call today at (303) 872-4323.

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