How to Save Energy at Home During Social Distancing

Hands turn off a surge protector while putting a coin in a piggy bank. Saving energy means saving money!The world looks a bit different with the stay at home guidelines in place in many states across the country. Children have been sent home from school. Many workers are either working remotely or out of work temporarily. Finally, governors have encouraged people to practice social distancing.

With these changes, you may find that you spend more time at home. This new setup might be comfortable for you, but your energy consumption is bound to have gone up. We put together a list of tips for you to use to reduce your energy use while spending more time at home during the precautions for COVID-19.

Tip #1: Save Energy in the Kitchen 


  • Set your temperature to 34-37 degrees
  • Clean the coils in your refrigerator
  • Check the seal on the door
  • Keep your fridge full, but not over-full to keep air flowing 
  • Use any power saving option


  • Make sure to run full loads
  • Run your dishwasher at night (to keep the house cool)
  • Don’t use the “heat-dry” option


  • Use small appliances like toaster ovens and air fryers instead of your oven
  • Use the right size pot or pan on the right size burner
  • Use lids on pots and pans to save heat

Tip #2: Save Energy on Your Heating / Cooling


  • Change your air filter monthly
  • Keep vents fully open
  • Caulk around any holes 
  • Vacuum your vents


  • Adjust your thermostat to 68 degrees
  • Use space heaters in cold spots (make sure to turn them off)
  • Open drapes on sunny days (when your home is cold)


  • Adjust your thermostat to 78 degrees
  • Use ceiling fans, but turn them off when leaving a room
  • Close drapes on sunny days (when your home is warm)

Tip #3: Save Energy on Laundry, Lighting, and Electronics


  • Clean your lint trap every time
  • Run the dryer for the least amount of time needed to dry clothes
  • Run the dryer at night during the spring and summer
  • Run loads back to back to use residual heat
  • Try using a clothesline

Washer Machine

  • Use cold water to wash most of your clothes
  • Wash full loads
  • Use cold-water rinse


  • Use LED bulbs
  • Turn off lights when possible
  • Keep lamps away from your thermostat


  • Turn off computers, monitors, screens, TVs, video game consoles, etc. when not in use
  • Unplug devices and chargers when fully charged

Tip #4: Save Energy in Your Work from Home Office

Home office tips

  • If you have tile or wood flooring, use a rug to stay warm
  • Use an app for white noise instead of the TV
  • Instead of a screensaver, turn your screen off when not in use

Here to Help for Electrical Needs

Take these steps to reduce your energy consumption and keep your bills low. If anything goes wrong with your electrical system, give us a call. Electric Blue Inc is still here to help you and your family remain connected and safe during the stay at home guidelines. 

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