Extension Cord Safety Tips for the Holidays

The picture shows an example of electrical cords that violate safety procedures.Electrical safety is important at all times, but during the holidays, the chance for an injury can go up. Many people make rushed decisions with electricity near the holidays that endanger themselves and their family members, sometimes without even realizing it. 

Today we are going to focus on electrical cord safety over the holidays. Electrical cord safety begins by keeping them out of the way and out from where someone could trip on them. Keep your cords in good condition to prevent electrical fire hazards. Keep reading to learn more electrical cord safety tips for the holidays from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Electrical Safety Foundation International.

1. Keep Cords Safe

Keep electrical cords out of any regular walking paths in your home. Also, be careful to keep your cords out from under furniture. The legs of furniture could fray over time, causing a hazard. 

2. Never Under Rugs

Make sure to keep electrical cords above rugs. If placed under a rug, the cord’s heat gets trapped. If left alone, the heat could lead to a fire. 

3. Push Cords Against a Wall or Ledge

Don’t leave cords loosely hanging. Instead, push them up against a wall and secure them snugly. If a cord dangles off a ledge, attach it to the top. 

4. Remove Outside Pressure

Make sure your cord doesn’t get crimped. Leave enough room in any storage areas for your electrical cord to comfortably rest without any pressure on it. The strain could cause a breakdown in its insulation over time. In terms of tying up cords, loose cords are happy cords.

5. No Staples or Nails

Stay away from staples and nails for attaching your cord to any surface. Once punctured, the insulation for your electrical cord is unsafe. 

6. Leave Spaces at Outlets

Leave spaces at outlets, so they don’t become overloaded. Be extra careful with heavy wattage appliances - basically, anything that produces heat like space heaters, microwave ovens, and hair straighteners. Be aware of the capacity for an extension cord. 

7. Keep the Three-Prong Plug

The three-prong plug, or the plug with a grounding unit, is a different kind of plug than its two-prong brother. An electrical device with three-prongs needs the extra protection the third prong provides. Don’t endanger yourself by using an adapter.

Stay Safe Over the Holidays with Experience on Your Side

There is a lot of warnings to keep in mind with electrical safety. Every step you take toward safety will protect you and your family this winter season. If you want some more tips, click this link to read the original IEEE document. If you are unsure about an electrical outlet or you need help with your home’s wiring, partner with the Electric Blue experts. We have more than 45 years of experience working with home and business owners to ensure everyone’s safety.

Give our team at Electric Blue a call today at (303) 872-4323 to schedule a service call. 

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