Common Electrical Problems in Commercial Buildings

Due to their complex wiring systems, commercial and industrial buildings are much more prone to electrical issues than residential properties. To ensure your building remains safe, it’s crucial to perform routine checks. Here are a few common electrical problems that can be seen around commercial and industrial buildings.

Flickering Lights

Poor connections tend to be the root cause for flickering and dimming lights in commercial buildings. If the issues aren’t resolved fast, this could lead to long-lasting damage and may require a full repair. If you notice the building’s lights being to flicker or dim, contact an electrician immediately to help identify the issue and recommend a solution.

Tripping Breakers

If a circuit breaker begins to trip, this is caused by them either being overloaded, ground fault or a short circuit. If not addressed, this becomes a fire hazard for the building. It then needs to be shut off to stop the electrical flow which will stop the circuit from overheating. Contact an electrician to repair the issue to prevent any potential hazards.


If sparks begin to emit when an appliance or machine is plugged in, this could result in wires either melting or burning. It’s critical to turn off the main power source and call an expert electrician to address the issue.

Electrical Safety Tips

  • Ensure safety guidelines are being followed
  • Always use licensed contractors
  • Pay close attention and check electrical outlets, appliances, lighting fixtures, etc.

The main cause of electrical damage in commercial and industrial buildings are poor maintenance, so be sure to have a qualified electrician to inspect the building’s system. For more information, contact the team at Electric Blue today at (303) 790-8813. We provide quality electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. 

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