3 Winter Electrical Safety Tips

Winter whips through and catches us off guard. But through spring, summer, and fall, it is easy to forget to prepare for winter safety

1. Space Heater Safety

Smaller heating units are useful if you want something to kill the chill, but it comes with its own safety instructions.

  • Keep anything flammable away from space heaters. The list includes curtains, Christmas decorations, and even the household printer.
  • Doublecheck and triple-check the power strips and electrical outlets for damage or wear and tear. Maintenance provides the security of safety.
  • Avoid running cords through decorations or furniture. For instance, never use an area rug to cover power cords that crisscross a living space. 
  • Sometimes people are caught off-guard by the first winds of winter and do not have a working heaterNever, ever, use a stove for a space heater. 

2. Maintenance Musts

It is easy to forget about heating units or space heaters while the weather is sunshine and flowers are in bloom. But winter electrical maintenance should be on a yearly reminder for every household.

  • Fuse Boxes - Rarely do we consider that a fuse box has an expiration date. Fires often start at the fuse box due to the components degrading. 
  • Faulty Panels - Checking company recalls, and yearly check-ups of the electrical panels reduce the risk of a winter house fires.
  • Worrisome Wires - Discolorization, sizzles, sparks, and fire-like smells are symptoms of problematic wiresA trained and licensed technician is the best source of knowledge when evaluating winter electrical safety.

3. Actively Addressing Safety

Making a simple checklist of potential problems with your winter electrical units makes for an easier weather transition. 

  • Do you have enough outlets? Or, do you overly rely on power strips and extension cords?  The lack of outlets and an abundance of cables causes short circuit sparks and potential fire hazards.
  • Faulty wiring in kitchens and bathrooms are more dangerous than a bedroom or living room because of the potential for electricity shocking someone or sparking up a fire.
  • Plug-ins tend to bend over time. Never plug a damaged electrical plug into a wall or power strip.

Winter brings a beautiful holiday season. No one wants to be left in the cold to celebrate. Not everyone has the time to check on every outlet or wire. But, trained technicians are available to free up time and guarantee safety.

Keep your home warm and comfortable this season. For more information, contact the expert electricians at Electric Blue today!

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